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About Xima G100

The Xima G100 inverters are industrial series that provide appropriate quality of motion and torque using precision control algorithms. These inverters provide the best performance in the toughest atmospheric conditions utilizing Infineon IGBTs and a specially designed cooling system for Xima, using components made in Italy and Korea. The material of their body is one of the best injected materials manufactured by LG, and their size are much smaller than their Chinese and European competitors. PID and On/Off Controllers, along with a large number of digital and analogue programmable inputs/outputs with the ability of producing high levels of current, have prepared these inverters for use in many applications. The G100 inverters are produced from 0.37 to 3 kW in a single-phase model, and from 0.75 to 5.5 kW in a three-phase model and further power ranges are in test stage.
In this map, control inputs are identified by D1 to D5 symbols, and the high-speed dual-use HSI input is illustrated along with the digital inputs. High-speed input can receive pulse inputs up to 10 kHz. Analog inputs are provided for adjusting the set-point or feedback. The Xima G100 has two analog voltage inputs and one analog current input. Also, a 10 volt power supply is provided to feed these analog inputs to lie between the 10 V and 0 V supply, when a potentiometer is required. Power inputs are identified by R, S, T symbols, and the power outputs are U, V, and W, respectively. Terminals A, B connect the MODBUS network to the RS-485 input of the inverter, REL-A, REL-B are inverter relay outputs, which can be set to either N.O or N.C by internal parameters.