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Iran International Electricity Exhibition

Xima at the 16th Iran International Electricity Exhibition

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Why Xima

Xima is a technology-based company that started its activities in automation, relying on the valuable experience of industrial electronic design, and science of active young researchers. Initially, the design and production of motor speed controllers were the core activities of the company. In this way, some important factors like focus on the creativity in design, original components and applying technology in production, led us to create a reliable, high quality and competitive product.

Xima, relying on the confidence in its products, provides unique services such as unconditional replacement warranty, product return and 24-hour support to its customers.

Xima Product Series

General Purpose Series

Lift Application Series

Pump and Fan Series

Solar Series

Crane Series

OEM Series

Xima Products

Xima Department of Research and Development, relying on the knowledge and experience in automation, has been developing its products to further promote the company and to increase user friendliness for the customers. In this regard, it introduces some of the activities that the company has implemented up to now.



Xima G100 is a general inverter designed by Xima Corporation, which can be used in many industries with a variety of applications. The hardware and software features of this model allow the device to be used in applications like fan and booster pumps, cranes, and escalators, etc

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The Xima L100 Series is designed and built specially for elevators. This series of Xima inverters are used as Open Loop. Inputs / Outputs which are special to elevators are: up order, down order, low speed, walking speed, etc.

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The P100 series is designed for household pumps. This series of Xima inverters are used as a Close Loop and can be used with all the sensors available in the market or the special HedFix sensor. Inputs and outputs are named and valued totally based on the use of the pump and the fan, and their installation and set-up are really easy.

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Xima Statistics

سال فعالیت

Those who trusted us ...

With more than one decade of activity in production and repair of inverters, and acceptable activity in the Iranian industry, we are proud to announce that pioneering companies in different industrial fields have chosen Xima as their fixed supplier.

The way you prefer

Xima's goal is to understand customer needs and continuous coordination with them, therefore, there is flexibility in all components of the organization, and adherence to the slogan "The way you prefer" has been considered as a valuable achievement for Xima family.

The way you prefer...

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